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Welcome to the New York City HCIU

Your duty as members of the NYC Heightened Crimes Investigation Unit are the same as any police officers: to serve and protect.

You do this by investigating serious crimes where a prelimary survey of the scene suggests the potential involvement of one or more members of the mutant community. In the course of your duties you will idenfity persons of interest, gather evidence against suspects, and where warranted and in consultation with prosecutors, lay charges.

To do this effectively, you will conduct yourselves at all times with dignity, recititude, and respect. Assignment to the HCIU is a coveted honor. Your actions, on and off duty, will bring honor and positive repute to the force.


Assignment to the HCIU is a coveted honor. The squad currently consists of only twenty-four investigating officers, plus commanders and support staff. You won assignment to this squad by demonstrating excellence, first as a cadet, then as a patrol officer, then finally as a detective. As detectives, you accumulated years of positive performance evaluations while serving in other detachments, such as robbery-homicide, special victims, gang units, organized crime control, vice, or narcotics. Some of you, particularly those with disguise-oriented powers such as Impersonation, Illusion, Form Alteration, and Nondescript, may have distinguished yourselves in undercover operations. Others from technical backgrounds may have transferred out from our various forensics departments, from crime scene analysis to the coroner’s branch.

The leadership of this detachment does not believe in leadership by micromanagement. You will be granted wide latitude to pursue avenues of investigation and to employ unconventional tactics afforded you by your extraordinary capabilities. When we say that you occupy a position of extreme visibility, and that your work will be carefully monitored to ensure that it meets the justifiably high expectations of the department and its civilian overseers, it is not to induce in you an attitude of excessive caution. It is merely to point out that, as rare as heightened police officers might be, there is no shortage of candidates hoping to take your place, should you stumble and fall.

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