Slang and Jargon

It’s important to keep up on both professional jargon and street slang. The HCIU maintains this glossary for easy reference.

anamorphology: the scientific study of mutant powers and their genetic origins

barhead: member of the thuggish youth wing of the Neutral Parity League

chrome: term for mutants, likely derived from “chromisome”; considered a slur

cleanser: a straightener (see below) who advocates a cure for all mutants, administered involuntarily if necessary

cosper: a less popular synonym for a goog (see below)

DNA Standard (DNAS): beaurocratic term for the 99% of the population without evident mutant powers

Dorphing: act of getting high with the aid of a mutant with Endorphin Control

eighter: member of the Eight-Day Church

electivist: a straightener who pursues a cure to mutations only for those, like themselves, who seek it.

ERA: forensic/cop acronym for a forensic scientist trained in Energy Residue Analysis.

expressivist: a supporter of equal rights for mutants

gene-expressive: bureaucratic/politically correct term for the Heightened. Not much used outisde of official documents and earnest round-table discussions.

gene-neutral: bureaucratic/politically correct term for those without mutations. See also DNAS.

goob: a mutant who takes inspiration from old comic books, wearing a distinctive costume, adopting a colorful nickname, and possibly engaging in vigilante crimefighting.

HC: short for HCIU, used by cops ex. “the HC”

HIW: Short for Heightened Inmates Wing, the segregated section of a prison facility reserved for mutant prisoners

lixer: term for the heightened, used by non-mutants. Generally considered mildly impolite. The term is well entrenched amongst cops, mutants and norms alike.

norm: term for non-mutants, used by many mutants. Anti-mutant bigots treat it as an outrageous insult.

PCD: Power Complex Detection, a DNA test that determins which of the Quade Complexes the sample donor’s mutant powers derive from.

PIC: Power Identification Centrifug testing, a DNA test that indentifies which mutant abilities the sample donor possesses

Power Complex: group of related mutant powers

the pregs: sweats, hot flashes, and nausea that accompany the manifestation of a new mutant power.

pure: term for non-mutants, preferred by some non-mutants

sdorph: addict dependent on a mutant with Endorphin Control (Others) who gets them high in exchange for entering into a submissive or exploitive relationship

separatist: a mutant who seeks to create politically autonomous communities for the Heightened, either in neighborhoods in cities or in a hypothetical nation

spazmo: term for mutants, particularly those with defects. Considered a slur

straightener: mutant who seeks a cure for his condition and/or tries not to use his powers.

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