Assignments and Clearances

As HCIU investigators, you will be detached to one of six squads, each typically comprising three to six officers. Officers may rotate in and out of cases as their other responsibilities, such as court appearances, paperwork and case follow-up, demand.

Each squad is overseen by one of two watch commanders, each occupying the rank of lieutenant. You will report directly to your lieutenant for duty assignments. Your lieutenant’s performance evaluations depend on his case clearance rate, as do yours. When he deems it fruitful to give you a long leash, he will do so. When your case founders, he will prod you for updates. If you can’t explain it to your lieutenant, you don’t have enough facts. It is your lieutenant’s responsibility to ensure that your investigation proceeds according to operational guidelines, and that the officers under his command perform efficiently and ethically. Should a question arise within a squad as to the operational correctness of a proposed course of action, take it immediately to your lieutenant. If he suspects you of wrongdoing, he will immediately alert internal affairs, triggering a formal investigation.

All investigating squad members are of equal rank. However, when your squad is assigned a case, one of you will be assigned as the Primary for the investigation. This detective takes responsibility for the direction of the case. Although they may not issue orders or reprimand squad members who do not comply with their requests, other members of the squad are expected to follow the Primary’s lead in order to preserve effective process flow.

Squads are expected to rotate the duties of Primary from case to case, so the burden is shared with all members over time. Squads are permitted to use whatever system they see fit when distributing this responsibility, provided the above goal is met.

The Watch Commander must approve all assignments of Primary status and may make changes for any reason.

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Assignments and Clearances

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