Lieutenant Nina Perreau

Your Boss


“Every second you’re out on that street, you’re being judged, detective—and don’t you forget it.”

The newest addition to the ranks of HCIU watch commanders is Lt. Nina Perreau, who received a lateral promotion to the post after a mixed performance as head of the Fraud squad. As both a woman and an African-American, Perreau’s career has been dogged by locker room whispers that she’s a mediocrity who owes her promotions to her minority status. Perhaps as a result, Perreau, a short and slightly matronly woman, commands with a noticeable chip on her shoulder. She’s quick to chew out subordinates at the slightest hint of disrespect. From her point of view, she takes flack for minor missteps that would be forgiven in any other commander. She’s especially tough on any squad members who happen to be visible minorities as well as mutants, on the grounds that they have to be twice as good as the male Caucasian officers they’re competing with. Her perception of herself as a victim of subtle institutional prejudice inspires her to push hard on cases with a mutant-rights angle. On normal days, her main goal in life is to exceed Eric Krose’s
clearance rate.

Perreau is a divorced mother of two. Her son Andrew is an intern at the city’s busiest hospital, and her daughter Patrice pursues an MBA at a top university.


Lieutenant Nina Perreau

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